From the Memphis Flyer:

6 Zachary Whitten, 28

Give Zachary Whitten one title and one word, and he’ll give you one story about Memphis — every day this year. This is the premise behind his latest endeavor, Memphis Fast Fiction.

There are other endeavors. There is the Great and Secret Thing, his collaborative website for all things artistic. “If people have the balls to stand up and say, ‘I’ve done this and I want to show it off,’ then we thought that we should give them the place to do that.” He’ll be showing off even more of his work in a graphic novel he’s working on with Lauren Rae Holtermann (also on the “20<30″ list). And this is all after hours from his job as an interactive designer for the local agency Combustion.

The native Memphian attended White Station High School, where he found an interest in theater before going to the Savannah College of Art and then farther away to Arizona to design video games.

He returned to Memphis in 2006, making a deal with himself: “You will live here until you feel like you’re in a rut.”

“I’ve been back four years … and I haven’t felt that way at all,” Whitten says. “No other place feels like Memphis.”

I want to thank the crew at the Flyer for thinking me worthy of this, and I hope that I end up being worthy of it.