Sourcing New Scientist to give you a rough over view of this:

Joe Davis is an artist and a research affiliate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the mid-1980s, he became concerned that no image of humans had been sent into space representing the details of human genitals or reproduction.

So he led a project to transmit the sounds of vaginal contractions towards neighbouring star systems. To do so, he recorded the vaginal contractions of ballet dancers.

The messages were to be sent from MIT’s Millstone Hill Radar to Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti and two other stars. However, only a few minutes of footage was transmitted before the US air force, which had jurisdiction over the facility, shut the project down.

Nevertheless, the vaginal sounds that were sent will have reached Epsilon Eridani in 1996 and Tau Ceti in 1998. It is unclear what sort of reply we should expect.

Got that? So, Joe Davis, a full on bat-shit insane mad scientist, was pissed off at the lack of female genitalia on Carl Sagan’s Pioneer 10/11 plaques. Davis felt that we were basically throwing “monster versions” of ourselves out into space, and he felt something should be done about it.

Like convincing a bunch of dancers from the Boston Ballet to insert a device of his own design, record their vaginal contractions, and then have an equally bat-shit insane linguist translate those into recorded patterns into the basic phonemes of language.

Which he then beamed at two of our nearest neighbor stars.

Which I think might make Joe Davis the world’s first interstellar pornographer, but that’s neither here nor there.