Been empty around here of late, no?

Researching and writing a short story every day for Memphis Fast Fiction has really taken it out of me, blog-wise. I just haven’t had the energy to get the juices flowing to the proper part of my brain that this site requires.

Those being the yelly, jumpy, shouty, sweary parts of my brain.

But, I feel bad letting the old girl just waste away. That’s not a noble death, and it’s not like I planned on closing up shop. Once the year of MFF is done, I’ll be back here.

I thought about just using it as a dump for photos, but that got poo-poo’d by L.

She did suggest I go back to the blog’s original intent, that being a dumping ground for all of my brain sputum.

“You send me all sorts of crap, why not just put all that up there?”

(She said it in nicer words because she is a lovely lady.)

And you know what? That’s not a bad damn idea.

So, here’s to the Brain Release Valve, once a cluttered desk, always a cluttered desk.