It’s probably just some jackass leaving a light on three buildings over or a dead ant in the system or some other impossible-to-track down stray radical, but on the outside chance they actually did it…this happened/is happening:

From Physorg:

US physicists are to announce Wednesday that data from a major atom smasher lab may have revealed a new elementary particle, or potentially a new force of nature.

A spokeswoman from the US Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, which operates the powerful  Tevatron, said the results would be released at 2100 GMT (1600 CDT) but offered no further details.

“Nobody knows what this is,” said Christopher Hill, a theorist at  who was not part of the team, according to the New York Times.

“If it is real, it would be the most significant discovery in physics in half a century.”

The Times report said the findings relate to a “suspicious bump” in the physicists’ data and could involve “a new and unexpected version of the long-sought Higgs-boson.”

Sometimes called the “God Particle,” the Higgs-boson has long eluded physicists who believe it could explain why particles have mass and its discovery is one of the most sought-after in all of physics.

If FermiLab beats CERN to the Higgs, I’m going to laugh for fucking days.

“Oh, what’s that? You spent how many billion Euros to build that giant thing? Pshaw. We did it with some left over fondue pots we found in the storage closet and a roll of orange shag carpet.”