And now he’s out, too.

Or will be by the time I finish writing this. Which is weird, considering he was all gung-ho at last night’s Republican debate. But, hey, when you’re the homophobic lovechild of George Bush and Ronald Reagan you can do whatever you like, right?

I’m a bit surprised that he’s out before South Carolina’s primary on Saturday, but I’m sure he’s seen better polling data than I have, and what I’ve seen painted a pretty grim picture for his chances. Last numbers I saw had more people undecided than voting for him. Which for a strongly religious state he was projected to sweep (you know, before real people started voting), is utterly ruinous to a campaign.

My secret hope was that Perry would stick with his bumbling idiocy until the convention, but sadly that looks to not be true at all. Now all that’s left for him to do is throw his support behind Rick Santorum and cement the evangelical vote against Romney and his magic underpants.

Oh, Rick Perry, I hope we don’t forget you like you forgot that third government agency you’d shut down.

Edit: Huh. Perry backed Gingrich. Didn’t see that coming, either. Been a morning full of surprises!