As part of a new high-tech initiative, DC is going to be trying out a pair of new techniques with some of their future digital books.

First is DC2, which appears to be a new take at motion comics for tablet and mobile devices. It looks to be the next evolution from Marvel’s Infinite test during Avengers vs X-Men combined with some of the more interesting panel transitioning that some of the web comics are playing with. Basically, it turns comics into something more akin to an animatic with a sound track instead of static graphics on a page.

I’m skeptical about this one, mainly because I don’t know how they plan on delivering it and I’m still not sold on motion comics as a thing that needs to exist. Sort of like how dessert is great, and pizza is great, but dessert pizza is a thing that should never have been created.

The other part of it is DC Multiverse, which is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure book in comic form. At some point in the story, you get to make a choice about what happens, and then the story unfolds from there. See the gif below for a basic idea of how it will work.

DC Choose Your Own Adventure

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure stories as a kid, and I think that comics can get a lot of mileage out of adopting that schema. Sure, it’ll increase the amount of leg work to get something in front of a customer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it. I know I went through each book several times, making sure I found each possible outcome. I’ll be keeping a closer eye on this than their new take on motion comics.